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A Perfectly Personalized Kitchen Sink with Integrated Accessories

Irvine, CA – The phrase “mise en place” is a French culinary term for “putting everything in its place.” Having easy access to knives and key tools like cutting boards and colanders helps professional kitchens to prep, organize ingredients and maximize efficiency. This practice is also effective for the home kitchen. To simplify meal preparation, ROHL introduces the new RGK Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink, a commercial grade stainless steel sink with six integrated accessories to transform the sink into a custom prep and cleaning workstation.


The RGK is a commercial grade (16 gauge 18/10) stainless steel sink with an indented design that allows coordinating cutting board, grating kit, colander and dish rack to fit into the sink. This unique design minimizes kitchen mess, while simultaneously expanding countertop space for food prep.


To begin your mise en place, simply pop-in your custom stainless steel colander into one side of the sink to clean and drain your ingredients. A custom polyethylene cutting board fits into the other side of the sink for a seamless transition from clean to prep. Need to grate vegetables instead of chopping them? Simply pop out the center of the cutting board and insert one of three interchangeable grater blades with the coordinating detachable collection dish and grate directly into it. When it’s time to clean your tools, insert the custom dish rack to wash and dry without taking up precious counter space.


Authentically crafted in Italy, ROHL Luxury Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks are synonymous with luxury kitchens. A proprietary insulated Quite Coat® technology on the sides and underside of the sink reduces back-splash sound and minimizes sound caused from heavy pots and pans. Every ROHL Stainless Steel Sink, including the RGK, features Tangent Edge® and zero-radius side walls for easy clean-up.


At ROHL we know the combination of kitchen sink and faucet is the most used appliance in your kitchen. Used between 10-20 times a day, choosing a sink that works for you makes a great difference in how your kitchen works. To learn more and find your ideal ROHL® Water Appliance™ go to


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