A Twenty-Five Year Business Relationship

Eric Nelson, owner Splashworks

Eric Nelson knows a thing or two about building a business.  As the owner of Splashworks, in the South Bay area of San Francisco, he has purchased, repositioned and built one of the premier independent decorative plumbing and hardware showrooms in the region. Working with ROHL helped him achieve his goals. An early adopter, he notes “I’ve worked with ROHL almost from the beginning,” said Nelson. “I was pleased to connect with Lou and Ken Rohl when they were starting out.  They had a great product offering but what I really appreciated was the excellent personal relationship we were able to build.  I knew I could trust them.”

For Eric, the ability to connect with the senior management at ROHL has been critical and is part of what makes ROHL so special.

“If I have a concern or question I know I can speak with Lou directly. I also know that I can speak with the ROHL Customer Service team and get satisfaction.”

When Eric bought his business he knew he wanted to set himself apart. His main area of concern was cleaning up the commodity portion of the showroom and focusing on the true luxury customer. ROHL was important to presenting and delivering on that image. He also suggests it was easy to move from showing only three collections to twenty given the profitability and ease of doing business that ROHL maintains.

“For me it’s all about the relationships.  I value the products and programs, but knowing I can count on ROHL as a business partner is what counts.”   

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