Enterprising Entrepreneurs Help to Build ROHL

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ROHL has enjoyed a successful 30 years in good part due to the commitment of the independent decorative plumbing and hardware showroom.  Our unique relationship with these strong partners has provided ROHL with the ability to market our special portfolio of luxury products. In 1983, when ROHL brought the Pull-Out Faucet to the US, it was the independent showrooms that gave us a chance.  The principals of these firms had the entrepreneurial spirit, aligning with that of ROHL.

Over the last 30 years, the independent showroom has supported our product innovations, merchandising and display initiatives, and remain committed to training and product knowledge programs.  As a result, these showrooms support us with the best professional sales team, who is beyond capable of telling the ROHL story.

Over the years, the owners of these independent showrooms embraced Ken’s vision of an authentic decorative kitchen and bath market distinct from the commodity of traditional wholesale products. They respected the ROHL business model and appreciated the way we worked in partnership to make these products successful. They are the pioneers who built the decorative market, along with their showrooms, and embraced our efforts to educate homeowners that a better grade of plumbing product was available.

Their uniqueness has educated and challenged ROHL to continuously improve. Our relationships have allowed us to learn and adjust.  Their close connections to the designer and homeowner provide invaluable insights.

As ROHL enters a new era, a new generation of independents will again reinvent how we connect our products with the market. Their commitment to continuously reinvest in merchandising and sales associate education while building relationships with homeowners and designers will help take ROHL to a new generation of buyers. 

-Mark Rohl and Greg Rohl

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