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The Code of California: Delivering Authentic Luxury, Responsibly

California sets the tone for responsible water consumption and enjoyment of natural resources. Some would argue the state is too rigorous. Regardless of your position, it's a fact that California has been more progressive than many countries - never mind states - insuring the health, safety and welfare of people and places for generations to come.

As a company headquartered in the “Golden State” for over thirty years, ROHL has been part of every responsible water use initiative since our founding. As such, we have educated our supplier partners in the ways of good stewardship and the ability to deliver luxurious products that also are responsible with regard to their impact on the enviroment. Living and working here provides us with a unique understanding of how water should be provided for and delivered in a responsible manner. We specifically focus on two areas: 1) Health & Well-Being and 2) Consumption and Conservation. Our health and well-being products range from clean water filtration systems to anti-scald, low lead and universal design solutions. Consumption and conervation is addressed by stringent adoption of both the CalGreen and WaterSense water conseration mandates and recommendations.

Delivering authentic luxury for the kitchen and bath, and doing so responsibly, is imperative at ROHL. Each day, as we shower, bathe and enjoy clean fresh water in our California homes we are reminded of the importance of this commitment. As Californians we know how to offer luxurious experiences responsibly and do it every day.