Mark and Greg Rohl

We are often given the opportunity to share what makes ROHL different from other decorative plumbing suppliers. Recently, a showroom sales consultant, who is relatively new to the industry, was amazed to learn about a number of ROHL attributes that are simply “the way we do business every day.”

For instance, ROHL feels strongly that a “live voice” should greet every call being received at our headquarters. Our award winning customer service group is an in-house, ROHL staffed team of professionals who go the extra mile, even resolving issues that may not be directly related to ROHL.

We are lauded for our delivery rates and quick access to products, helping to keep jobs on schedule. We are appreciated for our brand strength, our relationships and our ROHL values. Most of all, we are trusted to deliver a quality product, that works, is beautiful and enhances the customers’ experience for years to come.

-Mark Rohl
-Greg Rohl

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